Case Studies

Swadley’s World Famous Bar-B-Q

Swadley’s World Famous Bar-B-Q is family owned and operated. Each of their restaurants is an extension of their homes. Swadley’s firmly believes they are in the people business – not the restaurant or foodservice business.

Swadley’s wanted to keep their focus on the people business and serving great food to their guests. In order to do this, they needed a vendor to assist with Accounting, IT and Human Resources. Working with Abacus allows Swadley’s to save significant amounts of money, which are put to use in other areas of their business.

More than just a vendor, we wanted a partner. “In Abacus, we have a partner that provides checks and balances, is available 24/7 and knows our needs because they are restaurant people,” said Curt Breuklander, Swadley’s Executive Vice President.

For a company that has built a loyal customer base, thanks to its focus on people, and quality, Abacus has proven to be a beneficial, like-minded partner.

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Garcia's Mexican Restaurant

Garcia’s is a multi-unit restaurant group with locations in Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah. Their restaurants specialize in preparing Mexican food using authentic and traditional recipes.

In order to keep their focus on running restaurants and taking care of guests, management sought a vendor to take over Accounting, HR, Payroll, Operational Reporting, Advisory Service and Compliance.

“In Abacus, we have a partner that understands the restaurant industry and that allows us to focus on our jobs,” said Preston Stockton, President of Garcia’s.”

​The restaurant industry is ever-changing and requires constant focus on employees and guests. At the same time, day-to-day support for Accounting, IT and HR must be in place. Abacus provides that for us.

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